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Medat takes position

Managing Director Stefan Henkelmann is pleased about the start of the completely new website:

“Both our customers and our employees as well as new customers should have the opportunity on the new homepage to find out more about Medat’s laboratory information system. The various modules such as order entry, blood depot or human genetics as well as the advantages of the LIS are presented.

We will publish further news articles on the homepage at regular intervals. One post includes, for example, the correct handling of wearing a face mask.

In addition, there will be a newsletter every three months which will provide information on current topics.

The first newsletter is expected to appear at the end of June 2020.

The new homepage was designed and implemented by the marketing experts at ST Design.

In the near future there will be the Medat Academy. Both Medat employees and external employees will be able to access the online academy.

The start will be the first quarter of 2021.

Managing Director of ST Design and Lecturer for Online Marketing Sascha Tominschek explains the concept behind the new look:

“With the realignment of Medat, the corporate identity has been revised in a conceptually innovative way.

We are pleased to present you the new website as the first unit of this overall concept.

The Medat website sets new standards in the area of ​​design and user guidance. It makes the versatile laboratory information system tangible and transparent.

The profitability of the individual modules is broken down in simple steps for the management level, the laboratory doctors and IT.

Furthermore, we work in close cooperation with the specialists from Medat to ensure that customers can use the software even more easily and intuitively. “

Medat Computer-Systeme GmbH

Medat has been a medium-sized, independent and owner-managed company in the field of laboratory information systems for over 45 years.

Our employees guarantee existing and new customers optimal service and support.

The company takes care of over 100 satisfied customers in Germany and Austria.

With currently approx. 4000 connected measuring cells, including distribution robots, standalone devices and road systems from a program collection of meanwhile more than 150 different device drivers.

The system offers its own order entry with optimal support for preanalytics.

Reports are available in multiple languages.

Our customers include private laboratories, laboratory communities, laboratory specialists, universities and hospitals.

Medat is a member of the German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, as well as the quality ring for medical software, and in the working groups LDT3 and 1LV.

The company is certified according to the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

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