FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • What devices can be connected/used?

Interfaces to numerous device manufacturers are available, for example, WASPLab and Vitek (bioMérieux), MALDI-TOF (Bruker), BacTec, Phoenix and Kiestra (BD), etc.

  • Can automated, paperless processes be carried out?

Yes, Medat gives customers the option to use automated, paperless processes.

  • Can pathogen and resistance statistics be generated?

Yes, pathogen and resistance statistics can be generated via Quickstat (Medat statistics module) as well as via the exported Hybase findings in external systems.

  • Can EUCAST tables be integrated?

Yes, EUCAST tables can be easily integrated in the microbiology module.

  • What has to be done in advance?

Medat will help you in advance to set up tests, sequences and objects.

  • Is it possible to run a paperless office?

Generally, yes. However, archiving is customer-specific. Some customers still receive hard-copy reports.

  • Can blood plasma also be stored?

Yes, plasma can also be stored using the blood depot module.

  • Can steps be traced?

Yes, all of the steps carried out are documented and can therefore be traced in every case.

  • How safe is the system?

Every activity has the potential for error. Every activity has the potential for error. It is therefore important to counter these potential errors via a coherent operating structure and sophisticated organisational approach without overly restricting the user’s room for manoeuvre. For instance, this is achieved by consistent application of positive identification via bar code printing and bar code reading. The system flags up risks by generating relevant (error) messages. Errors can be prevented through system rejection.

  • Does the depot depend on the rest of the laboratory system?

No, the blood depot essentially operates independently of the laboratory system, but is closely connected with it to ensure rigorous exchange of patient, order and performance data.

  • How can I present my findings?

Findings can be presented individually using the print management module. Findings can easily be adjusted in line with the corporate design.

  • Does the print management module support LDT3?

Yes – we have introduced the exporting of LDT3 findings and can generate findings in clinical chemistry, microbiology and cytology, for instance.

  • Is it possible to automate findings written in a word processing programme?

Yes – most findings reports generated from laboratory data can also be automated.

  • How is print management sorted?

Eine Sortierung findet auf fünf Ebenen statt, z.B. Tour -> Einsender -> Patient -> Auftrag -> Befundtyp.

  • Is the module automated?

Yes, the billing module is fully automated.

  • How many billing formats does the billing module offer?

The billing module offers eight different billing formats, including private billing, cash accounting and collective billing.

  • Is the billing module certified?

Yes, the module is certified by KBV.

  • How flexible can I be with the billing module?

Very! The module can be configured to suit individual requirements and offers considerable flexibility with eight different billing formats, quality assurance, automated testing, mixed billing, electronic accounting, reminders and consumer relationship management.

  • To what laboratory areas can the Order Entry module be connected?

Order Entry can be connected to all Medat modules.

  • What technical interfaces are available?

There are interfaces to LDT, HL7 and other Order Entry systems

  • For how long are the module orders visible?

This can be adjusted to suit individual cases.

  • Can additional requests be made to an order?

Yes, it is easy to include add-on orders with the Order Entry module.

  • Can you see previous orders?

Yes, the Order Entry module gives a comprehensive, structured overview of earlier orders.

  • Which devices can I connect to the module?

In principle, any device can be connected to the Onlines module.

  • Any there any hidden costs after purchasing this module?

No! The Onlines module allows you to connect at a fixed price with no hidden costs for you or your laboratory either now or in the future.

  • What technical interfaces are available?

The Onlines module provides an option to integrate all devices from all major manufacturers. We do not reject any interface. Contact us directly for more details. Wir lehnen keine Schnittstelle ab, für mehr Details kontaktieren Sie uns direkt.

  • How long does it take to connect to the interface?

That depends on the respective interface. Generell hat die technische Anbindung an verschiedene Geräte jedoch hohe Priorität für uns und unsere Kunden und wird somit schnellstmöglich von uns umgesetzt.

  • Are there technical interfaces?

No, there are currently no technical interfaces for the Toxicology module as this is still a relatively new module. However, we are constantly working to improve our modules and to offer interfaces. Allerdings arbeiten wir ständig daran, unsere Module zu verbessern und Schnittstellen anbieten zu können.

  • What is the Toxicology module used for?

The Toxicology module is primarily an input value system that calculates values in relation to toxicological findings.

  • Where are the data hosted?

The data are hosted on the customer’s site but also on certified Medat partner sites on request.

  • Where are the interfaces?

Interfaces are available with HL7, LDT, Mailbox, GEKID, cancer registry and all current HIS.

  • What are the special and unique features of the module?

What makes the pathology module special include ERP / CRM export, time-of-day-dependent turnaround time module, material-based sample tracking, long-term and short-term archiving with evaluation, and the documentation of all work steps in the LIS.

  • Can the findings also be used outside of the module?

Yes, the results are saved in .odt or .pdf format and can also be processed with other programs.

  • Are there interfaces to other modules?

Yes, the module human genetics is completely supported by the module Order Entry.

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