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GOfax.IP – pilot project by Medat and the Gonicus company

In a pilot project by Medat and Gonicus, the GOfax.IP module was successfully implemented and put into routine operation with our joint customer Labor Berlin Charité Vivantes GmbH.

With this implementation it is possible to combine the topics of e-mail and fax with modern IT. Above all, the module offers laboratory operators economical and reliable communication, as well as seamless integration into the laboratory information system through open standards. The technology behind the GOfax.IP module is a greatly reduced FreeSwitch installation for processing the SIP protocol and receiving the IP fax. The processed data is then transmitted to HylaFAX in the appropriate format. This virtualizes classic fax servers and creates scalable HA environments.

Even if fax has apparently lost its importance in the age of digitization, a closer look shows that it is still widely used in everyday business life. Due to the current corona situation, for example, thousands of findings were faxed to the health authorities. The GOfax.IP module manages to combine the fax medium, which at first glance seems obsolete, with e-mail effectively and inexpensively in order to guarantee economical communication, especially with many channels.

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