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Corona warning app , Muster 10C and Muster ÖGD

With regard to the new Muster 10C and Muster ÖGD as well as the connection to the Corona warning app, the following adjustments in the system are necessary.

Muster 10C and Muster ÖGD acquisition scan systems

• Extension of the data transfer to include new field identifiers from the KBV defined LDT2.


• Creation of a new order entry mask with a standard layout.

Graphic acquisition and modification programs

• New laboratory distribution list call with standard layout.


• The diagnosis remains unchanged.

Report to the health department

• Report findings with standard layout.

Billing Muster 10C

• Quarterly as part of the previous KV billing.

Muster ÖGD

• Monthly via new laboratory distribution list.

Corona warning app

• Export in the following CSV format to suitable interfaces:;;



Muster ÖGD may not be transferred any further; Muster 10C must be forwarded in the original.

System requirements

Version David 3.7 is a basic requirement; an update to the current release status may be necessary.


The offer is prepared individually for your system on request

Setup begins after the order is received.