DEMIS acceleration campaign by the BMG and RKI

In close cooperation with the A.L.M., the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Medat Laborinformationssysteme is working to support German laboratories in the corona crisis.

An acceleration campaign for electronic and automated reporting channels is currently being carried out from the medical laboratories to the
public health departments worked for Covid-19 test results.

At the moment, these are reported by the laboratories or other bodies to the responsible health authority. Here, the classic way via fax or email is used, which increases the bureaucratic effort for the people involved extremely.

For this reason, Medat is working together with the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the A.L.M. to accelerate the DEMIS project (German Electronic Reporting and Information System for Infection Protection) and to establish it as quickly as possible . The aim is to create a quick and effective solution for all concerned, which the Covid 19 test results must be transmitted in electronic form.

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