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Two new tools: Covid 19 test results can be called up digitally

Patients can now access the test results of their COVID-19 test online. The startup DoctorBox, together with the Becker & Kollegen laboratory, which is equipped with Medat laboratory software, has developed a tool with which test results can be called up more quickly and the health care system is relieved. In conjunction with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV), over 1,950 test results have already been passed on online to those affected. The interface is compatible with Medat laboratory information systems and test facilities are now available free of charge.

With  Telekom Healthcare Solutions,  BS Software Development  has also developed an app that speeds up the process of transmitting results by four to eight hours. The Medat customer  Labor Dr. Wisplinghoff  from Cologne, who has already implemented the app in their system like around ten other laboratories and carries out around 5,000 Covid 19 tests daily. The COVID-19 app is free of charge for the laboratory and patients and is available in the  Google Play Store  and  the App Store .

Both tools directly access data provided by Medat laboratory software. In addition, laboratories equipped with Medat software are able to transmit test results from Covid-19 tests to the patient within 24 hours. This makes Medat laboratory information systems significantly faster than conventional LIS.

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